Health Services

In our University, healthcare services are offered by the Office of Healthcare Services, which are part of the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports. A doctor and a nurse are employed in the Office of Healthcare Services.

The doctor works from 08:30-13:00 on weekdays and the nurse works from 12:00-16:30, thus providing healthcare services throughout the day. Informative training is offered for both the physical and psychological health of the students, and the staff and medical attention is provided in the event of urgent health problems. If necessary, we refer our patients to hospitals with whom we have agreements and make appointments for them there.

The staff of the Office of Healthcare Services stocks the medicine cabinets in the girls’ and mens' dormitories and is tasked with providing emergency medication outside of working hours.

Our doctor also serves as our workplace doctor and manages the “Occupational Health and Safety” services of our University so that our students and staff live and work in a healthful and safe environment. He is also a member of the Board of Occupational Health and Safety of ABU and attends monthly meetings of this board to contribute to the occupational health and safety policies of our University.

Healthcare Services Offered by the Office of Healthcare Services:

  • Checkups
  • Prescriptions
  • Injections
  • Medical dressing
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Intervention in the event of wounds and traumas
  • Administration of urgent medication
  • Oxygen therapy 
  • EKG
  • Wheelchair
  • Supply medication to students from the dispensary as needed
  • On-site intervention with a first-aid kit in the event of an emergency
  • Calling an ambulance via 112 if necessary
  • Preventive healthcare services
  • Preparing employment reports for new staff and performing regular medical examinations
  • Issuing physical fitness reports for students who will join ABU sports teams so that they can obtain sports licenses
  • Referring students and staff follow-up treatment in general hospitals if necessary and obtaining appointments for them at the appropriate clinics
  • All treatments and personal problems, and suggestions for treatment and referrals, are held in the strictest confidence


Our Staff

Doctor     : Dr. Neriman TANER
Nurse      : Aynur AKANSEL
Extension: 5113



Akdeniz Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi/(Akdeniz University School of Medicine)
Phone: (0242) 249 60 00

Antalya Atatürk Devlet Hastanesi/ Antalya Atatürk State Hospital
Phone: (0242) 345 45 50

Antalya Eğitim ve Devlet Hastanesi/ Antalya Teaching and State Hospital
Phone: (0242) 249 44 00

Özel Yaşam Hastanesi/ Özel Yaşam Hospital (private hospital)
Phone :(0242) 310 80 80

Özel Memorial Antalya Hastanesi/ Özel Memorial Antalya Hospital (private hospital)
Phone: (0242) 314 66 66

Medical Park Antalya
Phone: (0242) 314 34 34