Antalya Bilim University

Antalya International University, which accepted its first students for the 2012-2013 Academic Year, provides the students with a real international university experience thanks to its students from 74 different countries, faculty members from 19 different countries, and its national and international cooperation partnerships.

The vision of our university is to offer the best quality undergraduate and graduate programs in the region with its prominent faculty members, shape the economic and social agenda of the region, and become a real international university by synthesizing the eastern and western cultures.

Our students are offered non-refundable full (100%) and partial (50% and 25%) scholarship opportunities.

Our library has 17 000 print sources, 130 000 electronic books, 23 000 electronic journals, and 17 electronic information databases, and is open 7/24. In addition, full text content of electronic books and subscribed journals, and the catalogue information of the print books and subscribed journals of our library are available online 7/24

Our campus lies on a field of 300 000 m², and embodies the most elegant elements of Seljuk architecture in the details of its generally modern design.

As well as the scientific development of our students, we attach great importance to the personal, social, cultural, artistic and sportive activities. Our conference hall seating upto 600 people is available during the whole year for conferences, seminars, panels, etc.

With the efforts of the President of the Board of Trustees Fettah Tamince, and our Rector Professor İsmail Yüksek, our university provides the students with educational and technological opportunities at the international level.

Our University has 5 colleges and 11 departments.

College of Business
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Political Science and International Relations

  • College of Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering

  • Law School
  • Law

  • School of Fine Arts and Architecture
  • Architecture
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

  • College of Tourism
  • Tourism & Hotel Management
  • Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

    “Bookstore” and “Copy Center” located within the academic building are at the service of our students to provide books, stationary, and photocopying services.

    Our students has the chance to appear in the world’s the most prestigious scientific journals with the projects which they conduct during theie undergraduate studies.

    Our central refectory offers the kind of food necessary for healthy and balanced nutrition, which is also economical.

    Our students have the opportunity to use laboratories and ateliers to practice what they have learnt in the classes.

    Our canteen meets the service and quality standards at all times by attaching great importance to providing a pleasant atmosphere and complying with hygiene rules, which offers balanced and healthy nutrition options on the campus.

    Thanks to the finance laboratory within our university, our students receives practical and interactive financial education.

    The lecture halls in different sizes have been designed for our students to have a pleasant class atmosphere.

    Our university offers 6 computer laboratories for the students with internet connection at all times, and these computers are suitable for educational purposes as well as general use.

    The court room within the Law School allows our students to practice while studying, which gives them advantages when they start their career.

    There are cafés available on the campus so that the students can spend time with their friends in their leisure times.

    Our students have the chance to practice English on the campus, where the common language is English, by socializing with the students from many different countries.

    The Women’s Dormitory on the campus provides our women students with relaxed, clean, fun, and safe accommodation, which they need during their studies.

    In the Women’s Dormitory hosting upto 200 people, the rooms have been designed for single use or for groups of 2, 3, or 4 students. Each room is furnished with wi-fi internet connection, a study desk, a table lamp, a wardrobe, hot water 7/24, a wash basin, and a bathroom.

    Our students can eat at the refectory within the residence in the morning and in the evening. Food is prepared fresh on a daily basis.

    All our students, who have ranked within the first 10 000 in Turkey for the type of points of their placement, can benefit from the dormitories for free.

    Our men students who stay in the Men’s Dormitory of the university, which is located outside of the campus, can use the public transportation or shuttles by paying the necessary fees.

    Our Men’s Dormitory can host upto 273 people in the rooms for 1, 3 or 4 person(s.) Each room is furnished with wi-fi internet connection, a study desk, a table lamp, and a wardrobe,

    In the dormitories, students can relax, have fun time and make unforgettable international friends in the cafés within the dormitories.

    There are 37 student clubs at our university, among which students can choose according to their interests and join. Students can also start new societies if they want to.

    The School of Foreign Languages hold its classes on the downtown campus so that the ELTP students adapt to Antalya more easily

    Modern multimedia classes and reading & writing centers have been designed for our ELTP students to improve their fundamental English skills, namely reading, writing, listening and speaking.

    The English classes organized according to the language proficiency level of the students help students overcome their fear of failing to learn English easily.

    We provide our students with the chance to do internships in the 5th biggest 5-star practice hotel around the world.

    You can call this international environment #myuniversity where you can make your dreams come true.

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