Professor İsmail YÜKSEK

Dear Students  

It is an honour and pleasure for us, Antalya International University family, to welcome you as our new members. Our university takes providing prominent academic and physical opportunities to prepare you for the future as its primary responsibility, and so never ceases its efforts to develop.  

Technology is changing our world at a dizzying rate. Hence, one of the primary duties of Antalya International University is to offer the most up-to-date education. Similarly, we aim that our students graduate as creative and self-confident individuals who speak more than one foreign language and use the communication tools efficiently. We believe that the international atmosphere of our university, which hosts a great number of students from diffrent countries, is already helping us achieve these goals. As a further step towards becoming a world-class university, Antalya International University strives for increasing the diversity of students and faculty members in line with its global vision.

The foundation of a world-class university is the young people who are aware of their own values and identity. Therefore, we aspire that our graduates will be able to combine the local with the global in the best way at every aspect of life. Finally, it is our primary duty that graduates of Antalya International Univresity will not only be able to survive in the future, but will also shape this future.

Warm regards,

Prof. Dr. İsmail YÜKSEK