Increasingly, large volume of data are being collected ranging from genomics information to social media. As reports from McKinsey Global Institute and World Economic Forum suggest, capturing, storing and mining this so called “big data” may create significant value in many industries ranging from healthcare to location-based services. For example, McKinsey estimates that capturing the value of big data can create a $300 billion dollar annual value in the US healthcare sector alone and a $600 billion dollar annual consumer surplus globally. At the same time, several important issues need to be addressed to capture the full potential of big data. Among them, security and privacy are identified as critical. In this talk, I will give an overview of the recent trends in big data analytics and discuss my research on the security and privacy issues emerging from the usage of big data.

Dr. Murat Kantarcıoğlu is a Professor of Computer Science and Director of the UTD Data Security and Privacy Lab at The University of Texas at Dallas. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University, and MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science from Purdue University.
He is recipient of an NSF CAREER award and a Purdue CERIAS Diamond Award for academic excellence. Currently, he is also a visiting scholar at Harvard's Data Privacy Lab. Dr. Kantarcıoğlu's research focuses on creating technologies that can efficiently extract useful information from any data without sacrificing privacy or security. His research has been supported by awards from NSF,
AFOSR, ONR, NSA, and NIH. He has published over 165 peer-reviewed papers. His work has been covered by media outlets such as Boston Globe and ABC News, among others and has received three best paper awards. He is a IEEE senior member and a ACM Distinguished Scientist.