"Education is the most important need of a nation after food"

(Paul Richer)

While laying the foundations for Antalya Bilim University, our main objective was to establish a center of attraction for Türkiye and its close neighbors (Central Asia, Russia, the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans) and which would become one of the most successful educational institutions in the world by 2030.

We believe that the city of Antalya, with its cultural heritage, natural beauty and historical background, needs a university that can provide rich opportunities for students seeking an internationally-qualifying education with high technological standards. International Antalya University, the first private university in Antalya, aims to become a bridge between eastern and western cultures; to improve the quality of education, especially in the disciplines of science, technology and engineering; to have highly-qualified graduates; and to shape the economical and social agendas of its region.

We are building our knowledge and experience by analyzing the most distinguished universities of the world and by forming strategic academic partnerships with them. Our university, which aims to be a globally-respected trademark of education and a center of reference, is preferred by both Turkish and international students, whom we regard as the richness of our world.

The other objectives of

Our university are to host international conferences and to develop statistical models, analyses and qualified research through our research centers and graduate schools.

Our most powerful resource for achieving the above-mentioned tasks is our faculty, comprised of successful scholars and instructors who hold doctorates from the most distinguished global universities.

Fettah TAMİNCE, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees