Dean’s Message

Antalya Bilim University, Faculty of Health Sciences was established with the Presidential Decision released in the Official Gazette dated 11.11.2019, and started to provide education with the Undergraduate Program of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation and the Undergraduate Program of Nursing in the Academic Year 2020-2021.

The demand for health sciences has increased domestically and internationally with the increase of population and desire to lead a healthy life. The efforts to train qualified professionals have accelerated to meet this demand. Accordingly, the aim of our faculty is to become stronger with its new departments opened in the field and train students who can comprehend the multidimensionality of the field of health and the relationship between health and quality of life, follow and contribute to the scientific, technological, social and economic developments in the sector, and possess knowledge and skills at an international level.

The syllabi of our departments, each of which is an undergraduate program, have been created in a way to correspond to the epidemiological realities of our country and meet the criteria set by national-international accreditation institutions. The medium of instruction is Turkish.

Dear students, the present and future of our university are built upon you. As you graduate and start to take responsibilities in the most respective positions in the world, we will be proud of you, and it will be the motivating factor for us to achieve even greater tasks.




       Prof. Dr. Ferhan SOYUER

    Acting Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences